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Tsum tsum advent calendar

Some exciting new Tsum Tsums sets will be coming to Disney Parks soon! ... Today the US Disney Store released the DuckTales Tsum Tsums that were released by the European Disney Store a couple weeks ago. ... Recent Blog Posts.

[Europe] Incredibles 2 Tsum Tsum Set Coming June 12th!

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Tsum tsum disney

Get the latest news on anything Tsum Tsum related, including new releases, rare and exclusive releases, and more!

Tsum Tsum Central Blog

The Incredible 2 Tsum Tsum accumulating is appointed to absolution in Europe on June 12th. Based on the banderole account on the Disney Store’s site, it does not seem Europe will accept the three Edna Mode Tsum Tsum variants (which appear in Hong Kong).

Tsum tsum toys

The Ultimate Tsum Tsum Fan Site.

Hong Kong Disneyland 13th Anniversary Tsum Tsum Collection

A new exclusive Mickey & Minnie Tsum Tsum box set is now available in bound Target stores. The set features one Mickey and three Minnie Tsum Tsums. Mickey is wearing shades while one of the Minnie is a mermaid, one is wearing a bright polka dot dress, and the aftermost one is in the same accouterments but with a sleeping expression. The box set retails for $19.99.

Tsum tsum marvel

[Europe] Mulan Tsum Tsum Collection Pre-Order

Three new agitative Tsum Tsum sets will be making its way soon to Disney Parks! The aboriginal set is based on the Epcot ride, Journey to the Imagination, and includes a mini Dreamfinder and Figment Tsum Tsum central the Dreammobile.

Tsum tsum list

[US] Incredibles 2 Tsum Tsum Collection Now Available

A new UniBEARsity Tsum Tsum accumulating is advancing to Japan. The set appearance the teddy bears for characters in Lilo & Stitch and Monsters, Inc. It will release online on May 11th and in food on May 18th.

Tsum tsum central

New Tsum Tsum Sets (Dreamfinder, Roger Rabbit, and WALL-E) Coming Soon to Disney Parks!

The Mulan Tsum Tsum accumulating is now accessible at UK’s Disney Store armpit for pre-order. The expected bear date is June 19. The accumulating includes Mulan, Li Shang, Mushu, Khan, Fa Zhou, and Cri-Kee.

Tsum tsum disney world

Incredibles 2 Edna Tsum Tsum Box Set

Yesterday, the Disney Store appear a special Chip and Dale set to commorate Chip and Dale's 75th birthday. Also, aftermost week, the US Disney Store appear the 50's Diner micro set that had been appear in Europe!

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